Finding Mercari

Finding Mercari

A broken family fights the odds against a syndicate of ruthless kidnappers.

The town of Grandville is in despair, chasing unanswered questions in their epidemic of missing teenage girls. It seems that nowhere in the town is safe, and the invisible band of criminals has left the town in a state of fear. Jasmine Johnson is one of the best reporters in town, working with her colleagues to report on the cases and pray that the girls turn up unharmed.

When yet another teenager goes missing, it starts to take its toll. Jasmine is worried sick about her thirteen-year-old daughter, Mercari, especially since she has separated from Mercari's father, Kel. Every whisper of risk strikes fear into her heart, and it doesn't help that Mercari and her friends don't seem to be taking any of it it seriously. Jasmine feels powerless and paranoid, even in her own home.

Jasmine is so torn between her family drama and her busy work schedule she doesn't realize the kidnappers may be much closer than she suspects. A plot is in the making to take the famous Jasmine's daughter next. Will they be too late to save her?

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