JAS GIRLZ Stop The Bullying

JAS GIRLZ Stop The Bullying

Jy, Asia'Lynn, and Starya are always caring for others. This JAS Girlz challenge to stop bullying may cause more harm than anything if not done correctly. At school, they notice a new girl by the name of Jasmine is being bullied by one of their classmates. They have to decide on how to approach the serious matter of bullying. The clever Trio puts their heads together, deciding to put on a peaceful rally at school to end bullying. But when the trio notices what bullying does to kids and how it makes them feel they come to realize it's time to bring awareness to the matter. Will other classmates help the JAS Girlz put a stop to bullying? Will the JAS Girlz bring classmates together to bring change to their school?

Read along to see how the JAS Girls use brainstorming to accomplish a very serious goal! Everyone should be treated with respect and loved for who they truly are!


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